Brand new Georgia [MARK #37]

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We’re off to Georgia, where we uncover the new architectural program – plus a governmental mission – that has birthed the country’s biggest construction boom in centuries. In Norway and Tokyo, natural resources are given two very different architectural functions, while a Stuttgart library channels the Renaissance and a Chilean campus brings students and teachers together. In China, plagiarism is part of the modernization of architecture. Finally, author T.C. Boyle talks about what makes architects such good fiction, while Jan Knippers discusses the importance of abandoning model thinking.

Cross Section
New works by: GraberPulver, Paul Morgan, Unsangdong Architects, Heike Mutter and Ulrich Genth, Suppose Design Office, X Architecten, Vaíllo + Irigaray, Searle X Waldron, Alphaville, Karl Frey, SOM, Atelier SAD, TCCT, Djuric Tardio Architectes, Ector Hoogstad, Rudolf Teunissen

Perspective: Georgia

  • Brand-New Georgia: Georgia is seeing a construction boom it hasn’t witnessed in centuries.
  • Mikheil Saakashvili: The president of Georgia is personally involved in planning the country’s new buildings and infrastructure.
  • J. Mayer H.: Jürgen Mayer H. and Jesko Johnsson-Zahn talk about their experiences as architects in Georgia.
  • UNStudio: on the Kutaisi Airport design.
  • Henning Larsen: on the Batumi Aquarium.
  • Studio Fuksas: on the Tbilisi Theatre.
  • CMD Ingenieros: on Georgian Parliament.

Long Section

  • Selgascano in Cartagena: In the concert hall in Cartagena, Selgascano imitates the subdued atmosphere of the underwater world with translucent walls.
  • Eun Young Yi in Stuttgart: The library in Stuttgart can make visitors yearn for Italy and the Renaissance.
  • Helen & Hard in Stavanger: Helen & Hard uses Norway’s natural resources to make architecture based on self-organization.
  • T. Coraghessan Boyle: Author T.C. Boyle talks about what makes architects such good fiction.
  • Ryue Nishizawa in Tokyo: A house in Tokyo gives new meaning to the concept of a ‘green façade’.
  • José Cruz Ovalle in Viña del Mar: A new Chilean campus brings students and teachers together.
  • Knippers Helbig in Stuttgart: Jan Knippers talks about the importance of breaking out of model thinking.
  • Gage Clemenceau in New York: Computers are communication tools that break down barriers between disciplines.
  • Seeing Double: Certain contemporary buildings are remarkably alike, but sometimes the differences within their similarities prove to be more crucial than the resemblances themselves.
  • Copy Machine: Like it or not, plagiarism is part of the modernization of China’s architecture.
  • Nigel Coates in London: Inspired by Archigram, Nigel Coates learned to look at architecture as more than just buildings.


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Wydanie 2012
Liczba stron 208
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Okładka miękka
Format 230 x 295 mm

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